Ask the Historian Series

Hi friends! I am excited to announce a new series that is going to be running on the blog called “Ask the Historian.” There is going to be a series of five articles exploring approaches to history, the discipline of history, the way we look back on history and feel emotional, as well as some of the more controversial topics we have seen in the news and heard about involving history’s connection with the present.

There is also going to be a video recording with some of the posts which will explore a related topic. These will be my voice, and sometimes my sister is going to be joining us. My sister is a professional historian, while I am just a layman historian or history lover. We believe there are many valid opinions and points of view. We seek to share some helpful tips or perpsectives for navigating the often-tricky historical landscape of today.

I invite you along for the ride and look forward to sharing our thoughts with you!

Here is an audio introducing you to the themes and goals of the series!

Photo Credit: HistoryExtra.

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Tara Cowan is the author of the Torn Asunder Series, including Southern Rain, Northern Fire, and Charleston Tides. A huge lover of all things history, she likes to travel to historic sites, watch British dramas, read good fiction, and spend time with her family. An attorney, Tara lives in Tennessee and is busy writing her next novel. To connect with Tara, find her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram or Twitter.